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Working with the entire New Vic team has been an excellent experience! This team and all the subs really care a great deal about the quality of product they put out, and really pay attention to the details. We had a tremendous amount of requests, and New Vic always accommodated us, discussed with seriousness and implemented. We really pushed the boundaries with our new build, including custom cabling laid in the walls and soundproofing – this team took every request in stride.  

The internal build quality is absolutely fantastic – tiny details that nobody will see are all done properly! This level of attention to detail and what you see quoted is what you pay – which I can’t tell you how much we appreciated!

They really bent over backwards for us with some of our requests, and went the extra mile to ensure we were happy and accommodated. The service and customer service they offer is truly the best!

Overall, I highly recommend this builder and their subs! They will build a home for you that will last for generations. If you want a quality product that won’t keep you up at night and are looking for million-dollar-service, then build with New Vic.